About Ray Hall

After getting my Bachelor of Marketing at USF, I started my career as a Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley and H&R Block. During this time I was introduced to the appraisal industry and switched careers to start working as a Residential Appraiser for Chapman & Associates. After a few years, I wanted to expand my role and knowledge in the industry and began appraising both commercial and residential real estate with Trigg Catlett as a State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser. With Trigg Catlett, I provided commercial and residential Real Estate Appraisals for the Tampa, FL, however I provided commercial appraisals throughout the entire state. My portfolio of appraisals include: Nursing Homes, Single & Multi Family Residences, Residential & Office Condominiums, Residential Developments, RV Storage Facilities, Marinas, Large Acreage Ranches, Automobile Dealership Sites, Vacant Industrial Sites, Vacant Commercial Sites, Vacant Multi-Family Sites, Office Buildings, Apartment Complexes, Retail Strip Centers, Mobile Home Parks, Medical Offices, Warehouses, Mini Warehouses, Indian Mounds, Utility Easements, Construction Easements, Conservation Easements, and Conservation Lands. I also completed appraisals for foreclosures, deficiency judgements, divorce settlement, estate planning, estate settlement, as well as provided courtroom testimony on residential valuation.

After several years, an amazing opportunity was presented to me, to advance as an Assistant Vice President for Review Appraisers at JP Morgan Chase. My position was to manage the appraisal escalation team, where reviews are done on a national basis in all 50 states. After some quick advancement, I was offered a position at Citi as an Assistant VP for Senior Risk Analysts. During this time I managed the group of Risk Analysts that handle working with institutional loans that are determined to be in default.

Because I loved working in the appraisals industry, I had started my company, so I could continue to do them on the side. So from the time I started at JP Morgan Chase, through Citi, I had continued to do appraisals with my company and slowly the worked load grew over time. Eventually I had to make a decision to either pursue appraisals fulltime or start to turn down work, which could of have negative impacts on continued work for the future. I decided to take the risk and started working full time for my company. Over time, work load has increased and now I’m beginning a path to start advising others about the industry I love so much! I look forward to inspiring and educating others and hopefully I will have the pleasure to meet you at any of the event I attend during the year.